Beer & Cider

Updated 3rd August

Here’s the updated beer and cider list. As were now open, the cask list is changing all the time. If you need a delivery get in touch in the usual way – we can only deliver at weekends though. The Bottle Shop is now open when we’re open (upstairs) and all these beers are in the shop. They can be bought to take out or drink in.

The OOS items mean we’re either waiting for stock or there’s none to be had at the moment (deliveries from wholesalers are still not back to normal).

Please note the last column which is stock level. Don’t try to order any if it shows 0 or less!

BeerCan / BottleSTYLE ABV %PRICE £
Stock Total
Abbeydale Absolution 440ml OOScGolden Ale5.340
Abbeydale Heathen 440ml OOScAmerican Pale4.140
Abbeydale Moonshine 440ml OOScPale4.340
Abbeydale Serenity 440mlcSession IPA3.8419
Amundsen Ink and Dagger 330ml cModern day IPA6.5424
Augustiner Helles 500ml BHelles lager5424
Blaugies La Moneuse 750 ml champagne stopperbTripel109.524
Blaugies La Vermentoise 750ml champagne stopperbFarmhouse collab6824
Boon Kriek Marriage Parfait 375ml champagne stopperbkriek8812
Brass Castle Dark Web 440mlcStout4.8418
Brass Castle Fruit Lupe Citra + Mango 440mlcIPA4.84.28
Brass Castle Very Bad Kitty 330mlcChoc + Vanilla Porter9530
Brass Castle Where’s Malton? 440mlcIPA64.216
Bruges Zot 330mlbBelgian63.57
Burning Sky Saison Hublon 440mlcSaison5.24.29
Buxton Axe Edge 330ml cIPA6.83.514
Buxton Buxton Blonde 330ml OUT OF STOCKcBlonde4.62.50
Buxton Costa Rican Coffee extra 330ml OUT OF STOCKcPorter7.446
Buxton Moor Top 330mlcSession pale42.57
Buxton Rain Shadow 440mlcImperial Stout1085
Buxton Spa 330ml OUT OF STOCKcSession IPA4.12.50
Delirium NocturnumbBelgian8.5418
Delirium Tremens 330ml bBelgian8.5548
Durham Black BIshop 500mlbStout4.13.823
Durham Imperious 500mlbImperial Stout BA11.88.324
Durham St Cuthbert 500mlbIPA6.54.224
Duvel 330ml bBelgian8.5410
East London Brewery Imperial Stout – stoneware bottle – 750mlbImperial Stout9.5163
East London Brewery Pale Ale 500ml OOSbPale Ale43.80
East London Brewery Quadrant 500ml OOSbOatmeal Stout5.840
Fordham & Dominion Oak Barrel stout 355ml OOScstout5.53.60
Glen Affric I Can’t Believe It’s NOTella 440mlcHazelnut Porter5.247
Gouden Carolus Ultra (lower strength Belgian beer)bBelgian43.513
Gulden Draak bBelgian10.5515
Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau 330mlbBelgian1161
Kasteel Rouge 330ml bBelgian 8424
Kernel Export India Porter 330mlbPorter6.13.824
Marble / Kees collab Caramel Vanilla Imperial 660mlbStout11.514.510
Marble Chocolate 500mlcporter8.55.844
Marble Dobber 500mlcIPA6.54.939
Marble Ginger 500mlcSpeciality6.24.341
Neptune Big Sur West Coast IPA 440ml OOScIPA4.5412
Neptune Nelson Sails Again 440mlcpale4.5411
North Riding Cascade 500mlBPale43.520
North Riding Choc Fudge Porter 500mlBPorter4.53.819
North Riding Cookie Dough Stout 500mlBStout6420
Orval bBelgian6.246
Ossett Treacle Stout 500ml OOSCTreacle stout4.849
Ossett White Rat 440ml OOSCPale ale43.55
Pohjala Cowboy Breakfast 330ml Bourbon BAbImperial Stout12.5924
Pohjala Must Kuld 330mlbPorter7.84.224
Pohjala Orange Gose 330mlbGose5.53.524
Pohjala Pime Oo 330mlbImperial Stout13.66.824
Pomona Island Armagnac Barrel-aged 750ml bBarleywine 12162
Pomona Island Tomintoul Barrel-aged 750ml bBarleywine 12161
Prearis 330mlbQuadrupel1051
Rodenbach Grand Cru OOSbFlanders Red640
Sam Smiths Nut Brown Ale 550mlbBrown Ale5436
Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout 550mlbOatmeal Stout5436
Sam Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout 550mlbStout540
Sam Smiths Yorkshire Stingo 550mlbStrong Ale8724
Schneider Hopfenweisse Tap 05 500ml OOSbHopped Wheat beer 8.240
Schneider Weisse Tap 01 500ml OOSbWheat Beer53.50
Siren A Tribe Called Zest 440mlcPapaya & Lime Gose4.24.511
Siren Affogato 440mlcCoffee ice cream porter65.524
Siren Rum and Maple wood Broken Dream 440ml cBreakfast Stout6.55.524
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 330mlbBelgian11516
Thirst Class Ale Stocky Oatmeal Stout 500ml bottle conditionedbStout4.73.512
Timmermans FramboisebFruit4321
Timmermans KriekbFruit4321
Timmermans Peche 330ml bFruit4317
Torrside Cats of Chaos 750ml Islay BarrelbIPA7112
Torrside Cats of Chaos 750ml Sauternes barrelbImperial Lichtenhauer7112
Torrside Dogs of War 750ml Bourbon barrel bImperial Stout8.5155
Torrside Furious Lemon 330ml bImperial I Am Curious Lemon10528
Torrside Hrungrir’s Heart 330ml bBirch smoked Saison8531
Torrside Imperial Cardinal 500ml bImperial Blonde115.522
Torrside Imperial Fire Damage 750ml bSmoked Imperial Stout9.5112
Torrside Reign of GRain 500mlbMonsters Lab8.5627
Torrside Sandinista 500ml OOSbWest Coast IPA750
Twisted Wheel Speed Wobble 440ml OOScIPA4.740
Twisted Wheel Sunday Sessions 440ml cSession Pale3.83.89
Twisted Wheel Velvet Bomber 330ml cImperial Stout1055
Tynt Meadow 330ml OOSbTrappist7.240
Vocation Life and Death 330mlcIPA6.53.222
Vocation x Amundsen collab 330mlcImperial FRappe128.611
Wilde Child Brownie Huntress 440ml CChoc fudge brownie7.45.516
Wilde Child Chasing Epiphany 440ml Ccitra mosaic pale4.84.67
Cider – available in 2 or 4 pint containers, please rinse and return
Holmes Chapel Apple Medium6.23.832
Double Vision CiderMedium6.83.534
Double Vision Impeared Vision PerryMed6.83.5
Biddenden Red LoveMed53.5
Weston’s Rosie’s Pig RhubarbMed/Sw43.5
Weston’s Rosie’s Pig StrawberryMed/Sw43.5
Weston’s Rosie’s Pig RaspberryMed/Sw43.5
Crazy Goat OUT OF STOCKMed/Sw6.23.817
Udders Whisky CaskMed63.834
Udders Waterloo Sunset PerryMed73.534
Udders Arcadia OUT OF STOCKMed6.53.834
Sheppeys Elderflower and Blackberry OUT OF STOCKMed43.534
Please Note: Minimum Order is £20 in Stockport, £25 farther afield, thanks