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What do you think of it so far?

That’s partly rhetorical by the way and possibly more a question for us rather than you. It’s not been easy to be honest, although to be open again and see so many familiar faces has given us a real tonic. It was a real boost to hear Nicky saying she was so excited to be back drinking Windermere Pale! We’ve had a few teething problems as we’ve all adapted to a new way of working, but I think we’re getting there. You may have noticed (you haven’t??) that I’ve not been behind the bar since we re-opened, this is partly because we’ve got so much stuff to catch up on behind the scenes and I’m developing the online shop, the physical version of which is slowly taking shape upstairs.

We’ve a new member of staff, Luke, who is settling in really well, so we’ve been able to cover the need to double our staff presence for every shift.

So what next? Hard to say isn’t it? But we do feel that we’ll be in this situation for some time to come. Winter is coming and we could be into a repeat scenario of lockdown, in the meantime, like you, we’ll just keep plugging away.

We thank you for your patience in logging your contact details and observing the need for extra vigilance on sanisation.

At least the beer’s as good as ever!!


Opening Soon!

Well it seems very strange to us, as I’m sure it does to you, but we’re intending to re-open on Thursday 16th July at 12:00. This will be table service only – no standing at the bar, I’m afraid – and we have to confirm to the various government guidelines that are in operation.

We’ll be looking after you with regular cleaning and social distancing the pub as much as is possible. There’ll be extra staff on every shift and we ask that you respect them if they ask you to do something which maybe seems a little strange – its strange to us too!

Please bear with us, it will feel so good to be back selling great beer to great customers!

Will we ever open?

Currently, the industry is gripped by uncertainty, not helped, it has to be said, by a lack of clarity and guidance by the government. In the meantime, brewers aren’t really sure when to start brewing (cask beer has a shelf life even when its not been broached). So when to start and allow the fermentation period to take its course before they can sell beer that can be used after its been conditioned?

What do we do as a pub? What staff precautions do we need to take, what precautions do we have to take? Just how many people will we be allowed to serve? Outside only? Inside but with social distancing? We literally have no idea, of how, let alone when.

The worry is of course that finishing the lockdown (i.e. when we can open) will come too soon. We are already trying to emulate other countries who have reduced their infection rate to either nil or a very acceptable level. We are not yet in that position, and if we were, are people ready to come out and socialise yet? Will mates want to come out but socially distance. That is so alien a concept they may decide to stay at home a bit longer.

So many – too many – variables.