Are we Nearly There?

So, this time next week, we can finally serve beer indoors, yes with one or to proviso’s but hey! its the nearest we’ve been to normality for over 12 months. Yes, 12 months. Whatever certain areas of hospitality and elsewhere say, with a very small window of trading last summer, we’ve been closed since last March. How does it feel?

Somewhat disengaged- and in many ways, this last month has been harder work than the previous months when we had to fall back on the shop and home deliveries to keep us ticking over. Then, as now, we can only thank our small army of willing customers, who have forked out money for beer, when I’m guessing sometimes, it wasn’t that easy to do so.

Customers. They walk through your door, buy your beer, drink it and go on their way. You’re hard put to extend that thinking in the rush of serving, but home delivery was an altogether different kettle of fish. Aside from acquiring enough “knowledge” to get a job as a taxi driver, I’ve been madly impressed at how far people travel to come and drink with us. It’s humbling. As humbling is how much they spend with us. You don’t see it during normal bar service, but when you take a box of beer round to someones’ house that cost well over £100, you don’t take people like that for granted. You thank them sincerely. So thanks everyone, you really are a special crew of people, the Tap community.

Next week is the new beginning then and its not just about re-opening; we’ve put a new floor down in the bar, new sink in the mens loo, repaired the roof upstairs, built the shop, redecorated throughout… Money we didn’t have? had to be done and now the place is looking good. We’re ready for that unmistakable Tap vibe, draught Bass next Monday, 2 weeks in the cellar, all we need now are the customers.

See you Monday?

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