The Petersgate Tap

Not just another bar…

Welcome to the Petersgate Tap, “the Tap” to the regulars. We opened in 2016 in a disused shop and since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, aided by our loyal bunch of regulars -,and some good beer!

Please click on the link below to book a table with us. Before you do that, though, check our opening hours below. These are now our permanent opening hours.


New in the shop

Nerd Brewing is the best that Sweden can supply – well part from Britt Ekland! We have some serious imperials in the shop right now, making some great sipping beer.

Are we Nearly There?

So, this time next week, we can finally serve beer indoors, yes with one or to proviso’s but hey! its the nearest we’ve been to normality for over 12 months. Yes, 12 months. Whatever certain areas of hospitality and elsewhere say, with a very small window of trading last summer, we’ve been closed since last […]

Nearly There?

Suddenly, it seems, we have something to look forward to, and I don’t just mean a haircut that looks as if it hasn’t been done by that shepherd in the Specsavers ad. April 12th we could be pouring beer. Of course the government being what it is, they couldn’t make it straightforward for hospitality, so […]


Never a good month for the hospitality industry, when “dryanuary” raises its ugly head. Usually as a postscript to rampant overspending at Christmas, its perhaps understandable and everyone in the industry braces themselves for its impact after Christmas. However, this year, we didn’t have a Christmas as such and January has seemed interminable as we […]

Please do not use the contact form for orders or bookings, thanks. Orders must be placed via the shop and bookings via the link above. Cheers!

19a St Petersgat